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How a talk show launched E. Broad Records

The ‘With Phil Corin Show’ explored new hosting formats for Phil Corin while planting the seeds for the label.


The artists at E. Broad Records have expanded into film and TV production! The proof of concept for the “With Phil Corin Show” wrapped today after being shot on location in Brooklyn, NY.

Phil Corin is a natural fit for a late night talk show host because of their natural talent for creating authentic connections with people, resulting in deep conversations that resonate with the audience. This project was a foray into possible formats through which Phil can host conversations, and a template for other things to come (more details coming soon!).

The “With Phil Corin Show” proof of concept is especially close to our hearts here at E. Broad Records, because in many ways, it’s what brought the founders—and the label—together. Original founder Whit Whitley was frustrated by the lack of diversity in late-night talk shows, and when they met Phil Corin while working on a podcast project, the two quickly bonded over the desire to add representation to media. Phil had been co-host of the popular “Transition of Style” podcast, which explored gender identity and expression through clothing and personal style, and they were seeking new ways to curate transformational conversations. Thus, the idea for the “With Phil Corin Show” was born.

As the show began taking form, Phil suggested that their friends join the project. The team was rounded out with the addition of director, actor, and writer Tank Burt and artist, writer, and photographer Sam Hopwood. For Phil’s first guest, Tank suggested author Esther Alix ahead of her the release of her debut novel, Stories of Gabriel.

Behind the scenes, Phil, Sam, and Whit shared about the things they all wished for: more diversity in media to start, but also a way to do what they love, to build a community of artists, get signed to an equitable record label, and find the courage to fully pursue what each was dreaming of. They spoke E. Broad Records into existence.

“With Phil Corin Show” proof of concept credits
Phil Corin: Host and Executive Producer
Whit Whitley: Executive Producer
Sam Hopwood: Executive Producer
Tank Burt: Director and Executive Producer