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2.7.2022 Clara Waidley Light & Found

Meet Clara Waidley

Clara Waidley wants to invite you into her own little world.
2.7.2022 Clara Waidley Light & Found

Clara Waidley made her E. Broad Records debut this year with the release of 2 singles from her upcoming album, “summer 4 ever”—the carefree, real-time nostalgia of 25,” and the song revealing Clara’s tender persona behind the carefree surfer, down for whatever.”

Between surfing and busking one summer afternoon, Clara shared about her lifelong affinity for Taylor Swift, chasing the waves in Georgia, and the process of recording “summer forever.”

E. Broad Records (EBR): What first sparked your interest in music?

Clara Waidley (CW): I picked up the guitar because I wanted to learn some Taylor Swift songs. Taylor Swift is older than my sister and I, but she sang songs that were literally directed toward young girls and the experience of going to high school. It seemed like she was creating these worlds in her head that she got to live through. She enjoyed writing music as an outlet of some sort, and I was writing in journals at the time, but I guess it hadn’t crossed my mind to write songs before Taylor. Then I was like, ‘I know chords, so let’s see how this goes.’

EBR: Your next album, “summer 4 ever,” will be released next year. What was it like recording the album?

CW: I recorded this album with the producer Annie Leeth in Athens, Georgia. It was comfortable and exciting because we were on the same page sonically. I sent her a playlist and I was like, “dreamy acoustic alternative grunge;” those words were in my head. That was the vibe. I really resonate with Mazzy Star. Some of the songs we made were really pretty but all of the sudden there’s some grunge guitar thrown in there because it’s such a cool contrast, especially because my voice is softer and I like the contrast of grungier style music.

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EBR: What is “summer forever” about?
CW: I feel like it’s the last couple years of my life wrapped up in 12 songs. In the past 2 years I’ve lived in California, Nashville, and Savannah. Not all the songs are directly about me, but I’ve taken my experiences and turned them into stories and then into songs. I like making up stories. It’s a little world I can go live in. I’m someone who loves feeling like I’m in the song, and I feel like people can live through these stories. These worlds could be fun to experience.
EBR: Let’s talk about the music video for your single, “25”!
CW: It’s such a goofy song. My sister is my best friend and anything we do ends up being fun, so I knew that we would be able to film it together. Hope made a friend a couple days before and he was making me a surfboard at the time and we were just going to check it out, so we walk into his house and I was like, ‘Hope, I think we should just film the video in the house!’ I have an uncut version of the ottoman scene, like circling around,abeing like, ‘what is happening?’ It was fun and so random.
EBR: What are your ambitions in your music career?
CW: I don’t know, I think I would die to just be in a room with 100 people who are quiet and listening to me, you know? I just think right now, that’s the goal. I don’t—wherever my music career goes, I just hope that people will come and listen—in whatever quantity that is. It’s hard to think about the future that much. I’m very much thinking about the next few weeks.
EBR: What are you gonna do with the rest of your day?

CW: I’m going to go surf! Laughs I’m scheduled for a week—I know when there’s going to be good waves. Here’s the thing about surfing in Georgia: you can only surf incoming tide, and the waves are terrible most of the time. I plan my whole life around when there’s going to be waves.

If you’re not following Clara’s busking and surfing adventures on her TikTok channel @barefootgurlz, you’re missing out! Get albums, merch, and tour information on her website at clarawaidley.com.