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Clara Waidley releases “radio angel” from forthcoming album, “summer 4 ever”

The fear of many artists is captured in Waidley’s third single from her upcoming album.

Date: 2/23/22
Radio Angel

We can all name artists, authors, and musicians who died before their life’s work was understood or appreciated. In “radio angel,” Clara Waidley tells the story of a musician who isn’t appreciated in her time, but revered after.

“We laid her ashes in Los Angeles
The music took her soul
She said California will kill me
But the day it does I guarantee
They’ll play me on the radio”

Though still young herself, 26-year-old Clara’s own anxiety and pessimism as an artist can be felt in the song. What is the point of making art if you are invisible in your own lifetime? Will her music ever be understood and appreciated? Yet as the listener, we can feel that behind the fear of this all-too-familiar story is a heartfelt beauty and romance—Clara’s persisting hope and drive to continue to do what she loves the most. This is why we love Clara Waidley at E. Broad, and we’re so glad her listeners can see this side of her. Clara loves making music, and it shows when you talk to her, listen to her play, see her perform.

Witness the startling courage it takes to continue making art when the outcome isn’t guaranteed. Stream “radio angel” on your favorite streaming platform, and stay tuned for the accompanying music video release!