e. broad records

e. broad records

beautiful people making beautiful music


abbreviation for “east” the direction toward the point of the horizon where the sun rises at the equinoxes.


wide, large, spacious, inclusive, accepting


from Old French record ‘remembrance’,
from recorder ‘bring to remembrance’,
from Latin recordari ‘remember’, based on
cor, cord- ‘heart’.

about us

E. Broad Records believes music is the universal language of the soul with the power to heal and to make us laugh, make us cry, and make us dance. E. Broad Records is here to serve as a “juggernaut” and level the playing field by supporting beautiful people making beautiful music. 

our artists

Beautiful people making beautiful music!

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news & press

Read the Savannah Morning News interview that got picked up by Yahoo! Money about how E. Broad Records is going to change the music business forever!