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listen to splendid, the latest album release from the prolificators.

Light and Found - Prolificators at Home2022-01-39 Large

clara waidley's upcoming single
"down for whatever"


abbreviation for “east” the direction toward the point of the horizon where the sun rises at the equinoxes.


wide, large, spacious, inclusive, accepting


from Old French record ‘remembrance’,
from recorder ‘bring to remembrance’,
from Latin recordari ‘remember’, based on
cor, cord- ‘heart’.

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E. Broad Records is a small but mighty team of creative people who want to work in partnership with singers, songwriters, bands, and musicians to market, promote and publicize their music. We’re reimagining the relationship between label and artist based on equitable contracts, mutual respect, a shared vision, and collaborative spirit!

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Beautiful people making beautiful music!

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Read the Savannah Morning News interview that got picked up by Yahoo! Money about how E. Broad Records is going to change the music business forever!